The Importance of Water Softener Replacement

A good water softener replacement system removes minerals such as salt and magnesium from the water in your house. Just like any other appliance lasts only so long, you’ll eventually need a water softener service to get a whole new filter system for your home.

You might need water softener replacement parts about 10 to 15 years after the initial installation. How much water you use also factors in to how often you need water softener replacement.

How to Know When to Replace Water Softener

There are several signs indicating that you need to replace water softener.


  • Poor-tasting water: If there is a bad taste in your water, the softener likely needs replacement. It might taste like salt.
  • Hard water spots: If there are spots on your glasses, you might need to get part of the system replaced.
  • Water pressure changes: This indicates minerals are building up in the pipes.
  • Water foams differently: Soft water helps form soap lather more easily, and may feel different when washing.

These are all signs that you might have an issue with your system and it’s time to replace water softener. The best indicator is that you have had other repairs recently.

Get Water Softener Replacement in Round Rock, TX

You can get water softener replacement near Georgetown, Round Rock, and Austin, TX. The water softener replacement cost will vary, but it can be from $85 to $207. Contact us to learn more about the price of water softener replacement from our company in Georgetown, Round Rock, and Austin, TX. 

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