Water Heater Installation

What is Water Heater Installation in Georgetown, TX?

Before making your final decision on what water heater you want to have installed in your home, research the different types of heating methods to make an informed decision. Water heater installation doesn’t have to be a big deal when plumbers can offer you water heater services. Here are some questions you should ask yourself during this time:

  • What types of fuel sources are there in your home? Do you prefer gas or electric? Does your home limit the fuel source you can use?
  • Do you want to find a unit that is energy efficient?
  • Is your family large and use a lot of hot water? How much hot water gets used on a daily basis?

Different Types of Water Heater Installation Methods

There are three popular types of water heaters on the market right now. These include the conventional storage tank, the tankless water heater, and the hybrid water heater. 

  • Conventional Storage Tank

      - Can be an electric water heater installation or a gas water heater installation

      - Considered to be the traditional water heater choice

      - Ability to hold 20 to 80 gallons of water at one time

  • Tankless Water Heater

      - Can be an electric water heater installation or a gas water heater installation

      - Heats water on demand instead of using fuel source to keep a constant heat

      - Energy-efficient solution

  • Hybrid Water Heater (AKA Heat Pump)

      - A combination of a tankless and a conventional storage tank

      - Taller than most of the other options

      - Work less efficiently in cold or tight spaces

      - Only available in electric

Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Water Heater Installation

Some plumbing jobs can be done on your own, unclogging a drain, for example. Water heater installation is not one of those jobs that should be attempted without the proper licensing and training.

If for no other reasons, professional installation should be done because:

  • Your water heater will be installed the right way the first time without the need of replacing it sooner due to poor craftsmanship
  • You will save time and have a functional water heater faster than if you didn’t hire a professional to install it

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